Delish Cocktail Discovery

While in Valladolid (Spain), a bartender convinced us to try something other than our usual Hendricks y Tonica con Pepino (Hendricks Gin and Tonic with cucumber). We were lucky that we agreed. This is the beautiful and incredibly tasty cocktail she made. Ingredients: Hendricks Gin, Tonic Water*, Green Grapes and a sprig of Rosemary. Beaut!

Hendricks and Tonic with grapes and rosemary.

*Hint: North American Tonic Water is very different in flavor from Tonic Water you will find in Europe and abroad.  It is very bitter and will not taste the same in this type of cocktail. If you plan on replicating this in North America, try and find an artisanal version such a Fever Tree Tonic Water. In a pinch, I mix soda water with sprite to get a similar flavour. Enjoy.


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